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EU funds an important tool for our farm to invest in sustainable farming.

Thanks to the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development 2014 - 2020 we were able to invest furthermore in sustainable farming. Our farm benefited from Measure 6 - Farm and business development and Measure 4 - Investments in physical assets from the Rural Development 2014 - 2020. These funds were essential so the farm could improve its products and at the same time increasing sustainability towards the environment. Through EU funds we were able to invest in new state-of-the-art greenhouses. These greenhouses were built to grow crops in a proactive environment from pests and from weather elements. Hence these will help us reduce/eliminate the use of pesticides and reducing electricity consumption. Another benefit from these greenhouses is that now we can collect rainwater which will be stored in a water reservoir, which was also funded by EU funds. Eu funds were also used for a pump room within the reservoir. With the help from EU funds, we were also able to purchase machinery that helps us apply organic and natural plant protection products. Another machinery funded by this project was a labeling printer which is also essential to label our products. Thanks to these funds we were also able to regenerate an area on our farm which was in a bad state. This area is now converted into an agricultural store. This will provide us with adequate storage for the tools used on the farm. It will also be essential for the storage of fresh products produced on the farm.

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Dorothy Sciberras
Dorothy Sciberras
May 01, 2021

Well done for the hard work! Will the products being labelled as organic or non organic? How many organic products you have right now?

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